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The ITV will put the Environmental Label on the Vehicles

The Automóbil Club will generate and distribute the vignettes which will cost 4 euros

Andorran vehicles will begin to wear the environmental label that certifies vehicle emissions from July 31, as stipulated by law, and the ITV will be the service that will put the badge the first time the review is passed from this date The Acting Minister Spokesperson, Cesar Marquina, explained after the cabinet meeting that the executive has signed a collaboration agreement with the Automóbil Club d’Andorra (ACA) with the ITV to regulate the distribution procedure the vignette

The ACA will be responsible for generating and distributing the labels which will cost 4 euros and the payment will be made only once per vehicle, when it passes the MOT and the vehicle is identified according to the environmental category.

Marquina has emphasized that this badge will be put up in compliance with the provisions of the Traffic Code and “it is to have information on the country’s car fleet and is not related to limitations for Andorran vehicles or those coming from outside”.

And he explained that the format of the label is homologated with the European models but has nothing to do with the classification that Barcelona makes to allow circulation in the metropolitan area.

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